Barbour arrives

Well as per my last post we’ll start with the randoms, today was a relatively light day of them. Although we did have a genuine gypsy in trying to sell four of us keyrings !!!!! She came in and accosted me first as I was closest to the door then after  the hard sell failed on me she moved onto everybody else, she was also waving a blue piece of paper at me that looked like some kind warrant confirming her pikey status. At least we got away without being cursed.

We have now landed the Barbour / Boxfresh collab jackets and they are awesome below are some sneak pics of them before the site goes live.

Finally it was good to see The Mighty make an appearance and he seemed over the moon regarding the new Nike shoe project on the horizon.



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3 responses to “Barbour arrives

  1. On the second picture your model (to remain unnamed) is not for my liking smiling enough!! But the jacket is very nice!

  2. The Mighty

    haha Dicky Bastard.

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