Constructive Criticism Always Welcome

We rec’d a welcome email this morning to the shop email address, here it is:

From: Rat Shitt
Date: 03/18/09 11:01:37
Subject: Absolute shit!
Fucking hell!! it looks worse than a gypo’s front room!! You call that a fucking shop……
Good luck! You’ll fucking need it!!!

Sir Philip Green must have a bit of time spare, or perhaps it is from some other retail guru, either way ( they are ) for some reason hanging around Romany caravan parks looking for design tips. I also thought that gypo’s lived in caravans and therefore had more of an”open plan” feel to their homes, so perhaps gypo’s frontroom is a little harsh.



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6 responses to “Constructive Criticism Always Welcome

  1. Would you call this constructive??? my guess is this “fashion guru” has probably never seen the shop and by the comments made never seen the video!! I’m guessing as it was St Patrick’s day yesterday they may have had a little too much Guinness called into the shop hallucinated a gypsy sat in the corner and it went from there!!! Who knows…….

  2. The Mighty

    haha oh god, some people.

  3. In fact i know who it is, its you Remel…. Can i see some jealousy over who has a better blog???

  4. The Mighty

    well we already know, who’s won that one. 🙂

  5. solefoodshop

    Well we did have a gypsy the other day, if you check out my previous post regarding a key ring seller…

  6. I wonder if the key ring seller felt right at home!!

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