Walsh Footwear In Store

Solefood are pleased to announce the latest addition to our stable NORMAN WALSH sneakers, an original Bolton based company. The brand is famous for making their fell running shoes in Bolton still and we look forward to some special edition “Made In England” sneakers in the near future. Check out the website for stock etc and here is a little from their website.

“Real British sporting heritage doesn’t get any closer than the brand Walsh established in Bolton in 1961.

Norman Walsh set out on his journey in 1948 by making hand-sewn running shoes for the British elite athletes at the Olympic games. Whist still remaining to the roots in performance footwear the Walsh brand has become iconic in the world of British retro street ware.

Not drifting too far from its culture, the Walsh brand has not evolved; it has quite simply remained at the forefront of footwear brands in Bolton England for the past five decades.”

Walsh Sneakers

Walsh Sneakers


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One response to “Walsh Footwear In Store

  1. Danny

    I’ve tried on a pair of the Lostock’s and they fit like slippers!!!! 1 pair in a size 10 please :0)

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