To blog or not to blog ??????

Well it has been a long time since our last blog and after much to & fro we are now bringing it back like a phoenix from the flames. Whilst a lot of our previous posts were not all about the products this time round we will keep you posted on new stock coming into the shop etc. But skipping that Bolton has now become awash with a pair of Michael Jackson lookalikes, from the era of Sharp suits and trilby hats, we will try and get pictures and post as soon as we can but for now this is the general look they carry off, 1 in white & 1 in black.

Boltons Michael Jackson lookalikes

Boltons Michael Jackson lookalikes

This evening see’s the launch of The Firm and we have seen most of our stock of Sergio & Fila Vintage go, we have got some re-orders due back soon and here is the window.

sole food front window the firm

sole food front window the firm

Finally we have now seen the prototypes of the Norman Walsh made in England trainers and they look amazing. They are being made in limited quantities at the factory here in sunny Bolton by Dennis and his team. Get in touch for more info.


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