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Laura from Liverpool has now Moved Milo’s

Just a quick hello to our mate Laura who has just moved her designer children’s boutique to Liverpool 1. If you can’t make it there then check out here online site Milos-kids. She stocks a lot of Scandinavian brands as well as the more sporty Adidas children’s range.


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Numph Clothing coming soon to Solefoodshop from Denmark !!

The new Danish clothes brand nümph is the result of the dream of seven young women. A businessman gave them the opportunity to create their ideal type of clothes.

They are young and creative. They used to work for major Danish fashion companies, where they yearned for making work really fun: to create their ideal type of clothes that they would wish to pull out of the wardrobe cabinet time and again. Feminine, yet edgy. Faultless, yet affordable. Design and tailor details, but still useful on a rainy Tuesday. CEO of Solid A/S Per Johansen gave them the opportunity, and the seven women jumped at the offer at once. This resulted in the new Danish brand nümph.

nümph is the result of the dreams and skills of these seven young women. Each woman is a specialist within design, print, graphic and marketing. Together they are so much more, though: they are indeed a dream come true. They take part in building the brand from scratch and therefore have particular obligations towards each other: they agree that they will change their course, if one day their hearts are no longer in the project. nümph clothes should not only reach the shelves but also touch the heart of the girl who will wear the clothes. Gorgeous stores in Denmark, Norway and the rest of Europe will sell the clothes. Thus, many girls will take pleasure in the design of the nymphs.

The seven women behind nümph have been given free play, and this has resulted in a strong, self-confident and super useful brand. Their first collection consists of 120 styles, which will continuously provide stores with new input. Just the thing to tune up the somewhat drab wardrobe. Just the thing to lighten up a girl’s Thursday, as the prices will still allow her to enjoy a couple of mojitos or buy a bouquet of white tulips for her girl friend. This small, daily luxury that we can all afford.

Six annual collections and creative input from seven professional female designers make nümph a strong and very personal brand. Exactly like the nymphs in the fairy-tales who are strong as giants and gentle as angels, nümph is not only one girl, one style, but many opportunities to create one’s own personal look.


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