To Tweet or not to Tweet

Having been a twitter member ( ) for the last few months, we have never really understood the whole commenting thing. Now however we think we have found a use for twitter and will be sending out “flash” discount codes, product updates etc via it. The main problem though is how to increase our followers in order to make it a valuable marketing tool, so from yesterday we decided to make a real effort to boost the numbers. I will update daily our increases ( if any ) of our followers, the first update is 17 followers yesterday and 31 today. Spread the word and get people to follow us. If we do become mega rich you know we will sort out everybody who helped, by buying them sports cars. Dice & Double Dice. If you are on twitter follow us here & also check out Dice & Double Dice.



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2 responses to “To Tweet or not to Tweet

  1. consider yourself bigged up, mr hudson. i’ve chosen to use the style of tim westwood for my plug – this type of talk seems popular with the kids these days, homo.

    although as most of my followers seem to either work in the porn industry, or are yoko ono, i’m not sure that this will lead to great things…

    • solefoodshop

      Lexington, check out some of the people we are following, pretty awesome. Basically went through the nuts magazine model list and added them on.

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