Suit DK Fisherman Jacket Online

fresh in today we have landed an A line fishermans jacket from Danish brand Suit DK,the Felix Jacket is finished in 100% cotton and navy in colour these bad boys look as if they should be £150+ bit actually retail at £80. We have limited sizes available so check them out on the site
. Also be sure to check out the Clarks Originals Rambler shoe, an absolute beauty see it here

Suit DK Felix Jacket Navy

Suit DK Felix Jacket Navy



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3 responses to “Suit DK Fisherman Jacket Online

  1. Nice, but they’re a perfect copy of the Albam fisherman cagoule. So, it’s like buying a “fake” Albam jacket….

    • Administrator

      I do not think that the Nordic fisherman that have been wearing this style of jacket have been wearing Albam all these years !!!! You could just as easily say anybody who buys Edwin, Nudie, PRPS etc are all wearing fake Levis ??????

  2. mark

    Sorry Al…..bam but I have to disagree also, be a pretty boring fashion world if only one brand could make a certain style of well anything. Makes sense to me that its a fisheman jacket is called this for other reasons than who made it otherwise it would be called an albam jacket.

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