Volta Shoes Coming soon to Solefood

Whilst the brand may not be that widespread in the UK, with only a specially selected group of retailers stocking the brand, the shoes are instant classics. With a strategy of not changing the silhouette season on season and keeping core colours in the range constantly, with seasonal additions in canvas finishes, it gives the brand a unique selling point of never going out of fashion.

Volta-Leather-Quilted-Shoe coming soon to solefood

Volta-Leather-Quilted-Shoe coming soon to solefood

While the sneaker-world loses its appeal, even towards a younger crowd, the market feels a lack of new “classics” to make the difference on style (and sales). The comeback of 90s casual is out there already, through a significant increase of classic-revivals’ offer i.e. boat-shoes and standard low-cut boots. The so called “history-brands” are positively involved in this commercial stage, while younger brands insert in their collections a number of models to recall those evergreen lines. Though, some link between “new” and “classic”, “innovative” and “standard” is still missing. There can be a need of shoes made to offer highly appealing style as well as significant sales forecasts. A product with original and easy-recognizable features. A new footwear must-have, a instant classic. VOLTA footwear was born a classic. A mono-product unisex style,VOLTA footwear combines the casual standards to a sneaker feel; a product brand with no strong local styles, ready to be marketed to a wide international audience. The use of nylon on the back-side breaks the formal look, giving new flavour to a standard boot-style. The color-range gives the product different tastes. The price-point matches the brand positioning and the related targetted audience. Finally, a bright and effective communication campaign, driven by the strong brand identy, will make of VOLTA footwear the new must-have. A new, real instant classic. VOLTA is a 100% italian brand by Twentyfourseven. COMING SOON TO SOLE FOOD BOLTON – FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING


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